Opening of the Toyota Workshop

Client: 3monkeys – extensive indoor installation, opening presentation, workshop viewing and touch-table game

Toyota Workshop

This project for Toyota / 3monkeys combined a whole set of different presentation types and interactive elements. Right at the entrance of the new Toyota 3S workshop in Dubai there was a big screen made up of three parts. On display were an opening event, a detailed presentation and finally digital fireworks to top off the show.

Real-time Graphics

We contributed to the design, created 3D real-time graphics, animations, photo shoots and collaborated on several Ventuz scenes and effects. We also made use of a particle system we programmed specifically for the fireworks and other scenes. Each scene was presented in real-time, offering unmatched flexibility as it allowed for last-minute changes to be made.

Virtual Tour

Visitors were guided all across the building, the rooms and the workshops, and experienced a range of real-time shows along the way. A particular favourite amongst the visitors seemed to be a game developed by 3monkeys. This allowed a glimpse into the future: using a multi-touch monitor, the visitors were able to see how the workshops and car-wash stations would function and look like in the future.

3monkeys' Project

For more information on this project and others, please visit the website of our partner 3monkeys

Webseite 3monkeys

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