The City - Performance Demo

Internal project - New Technologies / Bones / Physics / Lighting / Shaders / Effects

Technology Demo

We're always interested in developing new technologies. We want to show visual effects never before portrayed in real-time, we want to speed up creative processes; we want to find brand new, inventive ways.

Our team, consisting of highly skilled and able programmers and designers, has developed our very own tools which we are using in our production from now on.

But this isn't all – our technology demo is going to keep expanding and we keep developing the tools in our production.

To the Beat of the Music

A special function (FFT Analyzer) in the software we use allows us to retrieve and animate effects directly in time with music.

We've programmed a new tool (Cubeland) just for this purpose. It moves and shapes geometrical textures to the beat of music. Whole landscapes become dynamic and alive, just like the city and the face of a woman shown in this demo. The possibilities are virtually endless, and the options afforded by this tool of our own making are undoubtedly unique.

Virtual Avatars

By developing the Bone system we can now represent virtual organic figures with realistic or cartoon-like movement.

Whether it's as an interactive avatar, a game-controlled character, figures with facial expressions or body gestures based on convincing animations of movements – there's no end to the possibilities available.

We can apply up to 64 bones per object, equipping us perfectly for the future in order to breathe virtual life into characters.

Lighting and Shaders

We created a new shader system just for this demo – it allows us to emulate any kind of material, including dynamic lighting, with the help of two real-time shadows (Deferred Shadows) per object.

The shader system we developed (Ubershader Pro) can add up Normalmaps for more details and several diffuse textures, Specularity Map for highlights per pixel, as well as represent real-time reflections based on pixels.

Whether it be metal, rock, ceramics, water, glass, or any other surface: this system makes any type of material possible. Convince yourself of our system in this demo!

Get a Picture

If you've installed Ventuz 4 on your system, you can watch this demo in real-time.

Please read the instructions (info.pdf) first in order to determine the right settings for this demo.

Download Ventuz 4 VPR (284 MB)

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We've got a lot of great ideas. If you'd like to convince yourself of that, you're welcome to visit us in our offices in Herten. Or we could come over to show our work to you. Just give us a call.