GP Concept Car

Interactive real-time demonstration of a 3D vehicle with complex touch navigation

3D Concept Car

This interactive real-time presentation of a 3D car model is only one example of the many possibilities we have to portray your product in a spectacular way. For this we used the presentation software Ventuz as well as tools we programmed specifically for it. These allow us to create illustrations of your product, event or presentation that make a lasting impression on your customers – or the prospective ones!

Give your audience a chance to move from observer to player when they take over the controls of a scene using a multi-touch monitor. The real-time graphics make it possibly to change the angle and perspective interactively as well as manipulating numerous functions of the presentation.

Information about Real-time

By using real-time 3D graphics you have the opportunity and flexibility to quickly make changes to your presentation when needed. With regular movie clips this would lead to considerably longer production times. Moreover, this opens new possibilities of interaction as scenes can be altered dynamically and the camera angle may be turned or the whole product changed.


Come On Over

We'd be happy to present you this demo in our offices on one of our touch terminals!

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Glare Productions

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